Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Developing a Saving Habit Even in a Hard Economy

Money saving and money investing always go hand in hand, one cannot substitute one for the other. No matter how wealthy or what you have achieve in life, you will end up in the rat race if you don't have these two items as part of your lifestyle.

Learning the ways of saving money fast is a determination anybody can make, no matter how small your income is. Most people say, they are not very good at money, while some think is hereditary, these should not be as an excuse because if your future is more important to you than your present, then you should be of great concern. To be master of money is a skill anyone can learn(ever children) through practicing it.

1. Control your expense:

Using this method, will save you lot of money from your expense. Get a note book and write down every penny you spend on a daily basis. It is simple and easy to do, but if you are not careful, you will want to dump it due to procrastination. But if you keep at it, something wonderful will happen, you found out what, where and and why you are spending your money on. When this is in place, you will be able to control your expenses.

2. Start saving your money fast:

Your day-to-day EXPENSES take care of the present and your SAVING, your future, which is more important then your present. No one can create wealth without saving. Open a saving account, it is not compulsory that you start saving with huge amount, but be a good saver and not a bad spender.

3. Put your money at work:

By investing the money in your saving account in stocks, future trading exchange, no load mutual funds etc. This is a smart way to double your interest in return. Investing part of your money will save you more money. Your investment should be used as a reservoir, because "you can not manage your life without a reservoir."

By : Joseph Zinsu
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